About “RFID“

RFID technology, it’s everywhere!

Last month, during a conversation about the AsReader DESKTOP-Type, a simple device that can make lists in CSV etc., read/write RFID tags and compare data scanned from RFID tags to lists in CSV etc. th

Why you should choose iPhone for your business equipment?

When we contact potential clients the majority of the replies are: "I like AsReader products but using iPhones for my business is very expensive". 


Initially it might cost a bit more than

New iPod touch is released!

Apple has had us waiting for a few years, but the new and improved iPod touch was finally announced on Tuesday (May 28th, 2019). Here at AsReader, we couldn’t be more excited! AsReader barcode scanner

Tips on RFID tags


When introduced properly, RFID technology can help your company's working efficiency to quickly outpace that of other companies who are currently using barcode scanning and product c

Preparations for EuroCIS on the way!


AsReader Europe at the EuroCIS 2019 - The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology

With the end of the year approaching, everything seems to be winding down. Everyone is looking forward t

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