To the developers using AsReader

Caution when publishing your app to the App Store

When publishing an app in the App Store which works on devices that are MFi-certified, you need to register the app as one that will work on MFi-certified devices with Apple *before* you apply to have the app published in the App Store. Please contact us via the form below if you are planning to publish an AsReader-compatible app in the App Store (or update your already published app by making it AsReader-compatible), as we will register it with Apple for you as an app that works with our device(s).

MFi Registration Application Form

Regarding AsReader’s SDK

The SDK needs to be incorporated in any application you wish to use in conjunction with AsReader devices. The SDK is available free of charge. The SDK varies per model, so please choose the model you use from the list above and download the corresponding SDK to insert into your application.

SDK Downloads available by selecting AsReader model, –> “Product Information” –> “Information for Developers” TAB

Product Lineup

The SDK of AsReader CAMERA-Type

“When you use the SDK of AsReader CAMERA-Type is, you’ll need to use the application. We access to the following URL, please give me the application along to the description.”

CAMERA-Type of the SDK use application

Information on device rental and purchasing devices for evaluation

When developing applications to use with AsReader, you can purchase evaluation devices or use our rental plan to rent devices to check how the app works on the actual device. To purchase a evaluation device(s), please contact one of our branch offices or sales representatives, or fill out the inquiry form on this website.

If you have any questions

If you have any questions, please contact the store where you bought your AsReader, or fill out the inquiry form.

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