Various UHF RF Tags

Last updated:2020年09月18日

This is Hiruta, Public Relations Section.

Asterisk plans, designs, and sells AsReader brand barcode readers and RFID reader-writers.

An absolutely essential part of RFID is the RF Tag (tag).
There are so many kinds of tags, and you can see that they are processed and devised in various ways according to their applications.

I’d like to introduce some of them to you.

Underwater compatible tags

Temperature Sensor Tag

Tags for use in soil

Underwater compatible tags

UHF RFID is often said to be incompatible with water.
Not only are radio waves attenuated in water, shortening the communication distance, but also communication itself may be lost.
However, with a special processing, an underwater tag is a tag that does not lose its reading distance even when it is in water.

Temperature Sensor Tag

A temperature sensor tag is a tag with a temperature sensor built into the IC chip to enable temperature control.

Tags for use in soil

Soil has a high water content and is difficult for radio waves to reach, so the accuracy of reading is also reduced.
Soil tags make it possible to read data even in such conditions.

I think you can now understand that various tags are made with different materials, antenna sizes, and antenna materials.

I didn't introduce it in this blog, but
There are also tags that can be read over a longer distance by modifying the processing of the tag.

There are a variety of RF tags for different uses and environments.
Please leave it to Asterisk to propose a tag that meets your company's needs!

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