ECO compatible RF tag

Last updated:2020年10月05日

Hello. This is Sakai from Tokyo Sales.

Have you ever heard of the “ECO tag”?
Stora Enso has developed an RFID tag made of printed material.



The inlay of a standard RFID tag is made of aluminum material.
Stora Enso's tags are inlays printed with a special ink.

Stora Enso's tags are printed with special ink and can be disposed of as paper waste.
Stora Enso's tags are printed with special ink inlays.

Besides, they can be read at the same distance as the aluminum inlay products!

Also, since it is a printed tag, as the number of tags shipped increases in the future
The unit price of the tag will also come down as the number of units shipped increases in the future.
This is a great tag that we can expect to see not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of price.

We also deal in this product, so please contact us. ★☆

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