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CategoryTypePart NumberImageProduct Remarks
Silicone CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-T5ASC-WT5ASC-T5-B (black) ASC-T5-W (white) for iPod touch
Silicone CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P6ASC-P6ASC-P6-B (black) ASC-P6-W (white) for iPhone 6
Silicone CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P6PASC-P6PASC-P6P-B (black) for iPhone 6Plus
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P5HASC-P5HASC-P5H-W (white), ASC-P5H-B (black) For iPhone5/5S/SE/iPodtouch
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P8HASC-P7HFor iPhone6/7/8/SE2 ASC-P8H-W (white), ASC-P8H-B (black)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P8PHASC-P8PHFor iPhone7Plus/8Plus ASC-P8PH-B (black only)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P11HASC-P11HFor iPhone11/XR ASC-P11H-W (white), ASC-P11H-B (black)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-Type ComboASC-P5HCASC-P5HCFor iPhone5/5S/SE/iPodtouch ASC-P5HC-W (white), ASC-P5HC-B (black)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-Type ComboASC-P7HCASC-P7HCFor iPhone6/7/8/SE2 ASC-P7HC-W (white), ASC-P7HC-B (black)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-PA2HASC-P8PHFor iPad Air2 ASC-PA2H-W (white), ASC-PA2H-B (black)
Hybrid caseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-PM3HASC-PM3HFor iPad mini3 ASC-PM3H-W (white), ASC-PM3H-B (black)


Product Model Number
ImageProduct Remarks
STRONG CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P8SBASC-P8SBFor ASR-010D, ASR-020D For iPhone7/8/SE2
ASC-P8SB-Y (yellow), ASC-P8SB-B (black)
STRONG CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-P8SRASC-P8SRFor ASR-030D for iPhone7/8/SE2
ASC-P8SR-Y (yellow only)
STRONG CaseCase for DOCK-TypeASC-T7SBASC-T7SBFor ASR-010D and ASR-020D for iPodtouch
ASC-T7SB-Y (yellow only)
STRONG CaseCase for PointerASC-P8HLASC-P8HLAsReader Pointer Case
For iPhone7/8/SE2 Yellow only
STRONG CaseCase for PointerASC-P8PHLASC-P8PHLAsReader Pointer Case
Yellow only for iPhone7/8Plus
STRONG CaseCase for PointerASC-T7HLASC-T7HLAsReader Pointer Case
Yellow only for iPodtouch
STRONG CaseCase for AsLockASC-P8SLASC-P8SLAsReader AsLock Case
Black and white for iPhone8/SE2

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