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Product name AsReader Finger Barcode 2D
Category FINGER-Type

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User manual Version 1   881KB Download(PDF)
About Bluetooth Connection   05 Jun. 2020 186KB Download(PDF)

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  • When cannot connecting to other mobile phones

    It may be difficult to connect when changing a paired phone.
    Because within about 2 minutes of ASR-023B being turned on, ASR-023B will ask to be paired with the phone it was paired with last time.
    In this case, try the following steps:

    ・If the last paired phone is nearby, turn off its Bluetooth before attempting a Bluetooth connection with other phones.
    The Bluetooth connection time varies from a few seconds to two minutes, affecting by the phone type and the surrounding environment.
    If you cannot find it after searching ASR-023B, try turning on and off the phone’s Bluetooth a few times to search.

    ・If the phone that the ASR-023B last paired with is not nearby, try the following steps 1 to 5 several times.

    1. 1)Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth of the phone.
    2. 2)Power on the ASR-023B.
    3. 3)Check the list of Bluetooth search devices on your phone to make sure the ASR-023B device is in it.
    4. 4)Power off and then power on the ASR-023B.
    5. 5)Click the ASR-023B device name in the Bluetooth list of the phone within 3 seconds after ASR-023B be turned on.

    If the above two methods do not solve the problem, try to scan the “Restore Factory Settings” barcode in the user’s manual before attempting a Bluetooth connection.
    Note: Scanning the “Restore Factory Settings” barcode will restore the device’s working mode, data transmission mode, buzzer, and other settings to factory settings.