[New Products] About ASR-A23D

Last updated:2020年10月23日

This is Yu from the R&D section.

This time, I would like to introduce our new product, ASR-A23D.

The ASR-A23D is a dock-type 2D barcode reader that can be used in combination with Android devices.

AsReader for Android Devices

Features of the ASR-A23D

AsReader for Android Devices

As many of you know, we have been developing and selling many products for use with iOS devices such as the iPhone, but we are now focusing on developing products for Android devices in response to customer needs. In addition to the ASR-A30D RFID reader/writer, the ASR-A23D barcode reader is now available. This is the ASR-A23D.

Features of the ASR-A23D

Here are some of the features of the ASR-A23D.

The ASR-A23D can be used with Android devices via OTG connection, which provides a more stable connection than Bluetooth connection.
It supports HID (Human Interface Device) mode, which recognizes the reader as a keyboard and displays the barcode data directly on the text input tool of your Android device. As the reader is factory-set to this HID mode, it can be used immediately after purchase without the need to develop an APP.
For customers who develop and use APPs, serial communication mode is also supported for use in connection with APPs.
For customers who develop and use APPs, serial communication mode is also supported. A dedicated SDK is available for customers who wish to use it.
A dedicated SDK is available upon request.
A wide range of barcode types are supported.

As with all products for iOS devices, it comes with a variety of useful features. The product has been well received in the company and is sure to be a hit.
More information about the ASR-A23D will be posted on our website, so stay tuned!

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