Wearable RFID


Not “Inventory management”,
but “Process Management”


Teijin Frontier’s WEARABLE-Type UHF band RFID reader RecoHand™

Aren’t you bound by the fixed idea of “UHF band RFID” that reads large quantities at once?
Pinpoint reading of UHF band RFID tags on an individual item basis RecoHand’s unique idea will dramatically improve your work efficiency.

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Super Near Field

Enhances the accuracy and efficiency of item selection, such as selecting products that have not expired or accurately selecting products that contain the customer’s detailed preferences.


Supreme Efficiency

Wouldn’t you like to eliminate the work and process of reading barcodes and RFID tags? RecoHand can acquire that data in natural motion, reducing effort while increasing accuracy and speed.


Multi-Purpose Device

Provides terrific for picking, shelving, sorting, inspection, packing, and for any situation where one-to-one scanning.

Our Game-Changing Technology for Supply Chain

The fusion of these two technologies creates high usability and convenience.

Technology #01 Radio Control

Continuous management system for the entry/exit/location of objects. Passage detection system that accurately detects the passage of objects.

Technology #02 Textile Material

Multi balanced fabric (Surface) Empty heading Power stretch, Hight Waterproof, Softhand feel Super fine fabric (Back side) Strong grip, Snug fit, Comfort-Merely 1/7500 of a single human hair

RecoHand™ RecoHand™ RecoHand™

*The instruction manual on how to install and read the product can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the product box.

Example of what excels in logistics site processes

Due to its ability to offer one-to-one scanning, RecoHand is the better choice in a variety of situations that cannot be matched by hand-held or gate-type readers.

Arrival Shelving Storage Search Picking Sorting Inspection Packing Shipping

Some RecoHand™ Usage Example

TRecoHand™ is useful in a variety of situations that cannot be covered by hand-held or gate-type readers.

Retail Factory Picking Logistics
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