Walmart RFID

If you are a Walmart supplier in the home goods, sporting goods, electronics, and toy departments, you need to comply with the latest RFID guidelines that require you to tag your products with a Gen 2 UF RFID tag. This tag enables faster and more accurate inventory management, as well as improved customer satisfaction. But how can you easily and affordably apply and verify these tags on your products?

The answer is AsReader, the leading provider of mobile RFID readers. AsReader devices are compact, lightweight, and compatible with your smartphone or tablet. They allow you to encode and read RFID tags anywhere, anytime, with high performance and reliability. Whether you need an RFID reader that can fit in your pocket or to read over 1,000 items a second as far as 30 feet away, AsReader has the right solution for you. Fill out the form below and discover how AsReader can help you meet Walmart’s RFID requirements and grow your business.

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