Q. Why does the LED light sometimes glow purple?

A. Basically, red means charging and blue means reading or connecting.
When reading while charging or connecting, blue and red are mixed and glow purple.

Q. How long can I use it without charging?

A. The AsReader battery is designed to last longer than the iPhone® and iPod touch®.
Therefore, it depends on the battery and setting status of your iPhone® or iPod touch®.
In our tests, the ASX-510R was able to read about 40,000 times / 4.5 hours, and the ASX-520R was able to read about 36,000 times / 4.5 hours. (IPhone has default settings that can impact the battery life, such as screen brightness)

Q. What kind of apps can I use?

A. Search for "As Reader" in the Apple® App Store to see all the apps we have available.
Alternatively, we do provide an SDK so that you can design an app yourself, or have an app developer build one for you
Alternatively, our Asterisk team develops software too, so please feel free to contact us.

Q. What should I do if AsReader breaks down?

A. Please contact the place of purchase.
If you purchased it from us, please email us from the inquiry page or call us at ###-###-#### (business days and hours, time zone).

Q. What is the guarantee?

A. Our devices have a 1 year warranty. However, it will not be covered if it is dropped, submerged, modified or disassembled.
In addition, we will offer you a maintenance contract at the time of purchase, so please consider it.

Q. In what kind of industry is it often used?

A. AsReader has a proven track record in the logistics, distribution and medical industries. It is also used in the automobile-related manufacturing industry.
In addition, it can be used in a large variety of industries and companies which use RFID and barcode technologies, so there is no limit.

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