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A new barcode reader that utilizes your smart phone’s camera
and holds its own against dedicated terminals!

This is all you need!
Implement a barcode reader at an ultra-low cost!

Please try our demo-app AsCamera.

Please install it on your smartphone.

appstoreからダウンロード google playでダウンロード


▽For details, please see the manual:

Download Manual(PDF/2MB)


We sell accessories for the AsReader® CAMERA-Type.
If you have any accessories you’d like to purchase, please let us know.

*The image above is just an image. It may differ from the actual products in certain details like shape or color.

Information for developers


Regarding the licence

In order to actually use the AsReader® CAMERA-Type, you need to purchase a licence.

  • Licence A (for iOS)

    Please purchase and download our special “Licensed app” from the app store on the device you wish to use the developed app on, such as an iPhone® etc.
    When you complete the activation of the downloaded licensed app, you can then use the developed app on (only) that device.
    In that case, the charges will be billed to the Apple account.
    *The laser pointer module is optional.

    Download "License App" from the App Store

  • Licence B (for both iOS and Android)

    First, install the “Licensed app for Biz” on your smartphone. After you sign a contract with us and we receive the information that the licencing was successful, you will be able to use the app on that smartphone.
    When signing up for a contract with us, please inform us of how many devices you will require.
    For details, please contact our sales department or representative office.
    *We rent out the laser module free of charge.
    *This licence is meant for businesses and cannot be contracted for individuals.

    Download the “Licensed app for Biz” from the AppStore.

    Download the “AsLicense” from the Google Play.


Regarding SDK (at present under development)

We provide the SDK (Software Development Kit) for the AsReader® CAMERA-Type free of charge.

With this SDK, you can use the functions that are installed in the AsCamera as well as develop original and customised applications.
Furthermore, you can integrate all this into your company’s system or have it cooperate with specific hardware.
※When using developed apps on your smartphone, a registered licence is required.
For details, please see the “Regarding the licence” -section above.

Go to SDK usage application page

Go to SDK download page

Develop software to suit the circumstances!

You can also develop software that uses the CAMERA-Type.

If you have any requests that fall outside the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange!

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