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Need to read data in hard-to-reach places? The new PADDLE-Type AsReader goes between shelves and extends 20+ feet off the ground

Last updated:01/13/2023 07:54

Portland, OR, January 13, 2023 . . . As scanning technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, some places where data lies hidden are still hard to reach—such as items between metal shelves, high up near the ceiling, or even items located completely out-of-reach on a truck, many feet off the ground. AsReader has a solution in the new ASR-P252B PADDLE-Type AsReader.

Debuting at NRF 2023 in New York City, the new PADDLE-Type AsReader can be handheld or attached to a standard extension-pole to read tags on products on very high shelves or even on tall trucks at 20+ feet off the ground. The paddle mechanism can also be set to avoid scanning stray tags or tags between the user and the target.

“There are so many uses for everything from retail to logistics/transportation and even manufacturing,” said AsReader Vice President Paul A. Whitney. “Narrow or high shelves in a store or warehouse are obvious, but not-so-obvious uses include situations like having a tall truck with RFID tagged pipes, but you only want to read the one tag on the highest pipe (without climbing up there). This scanner can be extended up to reach just that one tag you want to read and avoid the others.”

More ASR-P252B “PADDLE-Type” AsReader specs:

* Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.
* Intended for use with Bluetooth or hard-wired using USB-C.
* Chargeable with a magnetic charging cord or USB-C
* Powered by a large, hot-swappable 3400 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

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AsReader, Inc. is an Oregon Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Asterisk, Inc of Japan. Asterisk was founded in 2006, headed by charismatic founder Noriyuki Suzuki with over 100 employees worldwide, headquartered in Osaka, Japan with offices in Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto, Japan, Dalian and Shenzhen in China, Portland, Oregon in the US, and Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Major clients include manufacturers Toyota and Kawasaki, retailers Tokyu Hands and Aoyama, over 350 hospitals worldwide and two well-known logistics/delivery companies utilizing over 20,000 AsReaders each. Please visit for more information

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