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Finalists Announced for the 18th Annual RFID Journal Awards, and AsReader and partner Teijin Frontier were selected for RecoHand™️!

Last updated:03/06/2024 18:59

The 2024 RFID Journal Awards finalists have been announced by RFID Journal, and the winners will be announced at RFID Journal LIVE! 2024, the magazine’s annual conference and exhibition, taking place from April 9 to 11 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The projects nominated this year show the growth and impact that RFID products have across so many industries,” said James Hickey, RFID Journal’s managing editor.

Top of the finalists list, albeit by alphabet, in the Best New Product category is: AsReader/Teijin Frontier’s Wearable-Type UHF band RFID reader powered by AsReader RecoHand™️, a wearable RFID reader that enables the wearer to read just the tag they are touching, scanning only that tag, ignoring all the stray tags around it.

AsReader, Inc. will start selling Teijin Frontier’s RecoHand™️ wearable device which reads single tags at extremely close range in the American and European markets. This all-new product from Japan has achieved FCC/FDA approval in the US and is the only Wearable RFID Reader of its kind. Usually, when scanning UHF RFD tags, it is nearly impossible to read just one tag, but with this new technology, users can simply touch the UHF RFID tag they wish to read, and it will scan only that tag, ignoring all the stray tags around it. Terrific for picking, shelving, sorting, inspection, packing, and for any situation where one-to-one scanning is desired.

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