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STRONG-Case (ASC-T7SB) Instruction video

iPod Touch×AsReader DOCK-Type Barcode STRONG-Case

This Strong CASE is intended for robustness,
and there are appropriate procedures for mounting and dismounting.
Before using this product, be sure to check how to use it on video.
If you cannot check the video, please contact the place of purchase directly.

In addition, if it is used in a procedure other than the “Installation method” described in this video, the connected device may not operate correctly.
If the operation is unstable after installation, check the installation method again and install.

Please note that equipment such as AsReader, smartphones, cables, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “equipment”) may be damaged if attached/detached using methods other than appropriate “installation method” and “detachment method”.
Damage to equipment due to installation or removal is not covered by our warranty, and we are not responsible for anything other than our products.