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1. Enter your Developer/Application information:
Please enter all necessary information in this MFi Registration Application Information Form.
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2. Application to the Apple MFi program:
We will apply to the Apple MFi program using the information we receive from you on this form.
We will only submit the information under the section "Application Information" to the Apple MFi program.
The information under the section "Customer Information" will only be used for notifying you when the application is approved/rejected and, if approved, the MFi PPID information.
3. MFi PPID Notification:
When the application is registered as a compatible application with the hardware certified by Apple MFi, we will provide you with the MFi Product Plan ID (PPID).
This process usually takes about one week, but it may take two weeks due to holidays, busy seasons, or other delays beyond our control.
4. Register your app to the App Store:
After the completion of your application software, please follow the normal registration process for your application to be included in the App Store.

Please enter the PPID we supply you with in Review Notes field (Optional) of the App Review Information.
(For example, MFI PPID: ######-####)

Please fill out the necessary information on the input form below and click "send" button.
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