New technology for charging and communication

Magconn technology

This is a new magnetic charging system that combines wireless and wired capabilities for a mobile device.

Since the charging cable is not connected directly to the charging terminal (such as Lightning or micro USB) of the smartphone and this is a magnetic connection, you can attach and remove very easily without worrying that the connector will break or bend.

Unlike the general wireless charging method, charging efficiency is equal to a cable connection.

Magconn offers this innovative technology for multiple shapes and specifications. This also helps correspond the charging of various equipment and data SYNC abilities.

■Magconn shape

  • Charging only

    Charging only

  • Charging & data communication

    Charging & data communication

Magnetic Charging

The ASA-006S Magconn Charging Stand is compact & stable and works with the full range of AsReader handheld sleds, from the ASR-010D barcode only to the ASR-0240D HF RFID + Barcode Combo units.

Weight:    104g / 3.7oz
Height:  100mm (3.94″)
Width:    64mm (2.56″)
Depth:    92mm (3.62″)