AsReader | RFID AsReader | Troubleshooting Tips

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Is the AsReader water-proof?

AsReader passes IP52, which is the same standard that applies to the iPhone® or iPod touch®.

Although the attached iPhone® or iPod touch®’s battery is not finished charging, the LED light on the AsReader is out; Is the unit defective?

LED light shows the status of AsReader’s battery.
If AsReader’s battery is fully charged, LED light will be off, even though the partner iPhone® or iPod touch® is still being charged.

Why is the LED light sometimes purple?

Red light indicates the AsReader is charging, the blue light indicates the unit is scanning.
The purple light is created by a blend of the red and blue lights which occurs when the AsReader is scanning while it is charging.

Can the battery in the AsReader charge the attached iPhone?

The AsReader’s battery only provides power to the scanner itself.

Is it possible to charge an iPhone® or iPod touch® which is attached to the AsReader ?

Yes, it is. When the charging plug is connected to the AsReader, the attached iPhone or iPod Touch is also charged.

How long can AsReader be used without charging the battery?

The AsReader’s battery is designed for longer usage life than the iPhone® or iPod touch® battery. Therefore, the maximum operation time depends on the batter life of the attached iPhone® or iPod touch®.
Further, our test results show that continuous scanning is possible for about 4.5 hours and 40,000 scans.

What applications can I use?

Please, go to Apple® App Store and search with "AsReader".
You can develop your own application with our SDK or contact iOS developers.
Additionally, please note that we can also develop and customize applications for you.

What do I do when the AsReader is damaged?

Please contact the distributor from whom you bought the unit.
If you purchased the unit from us, please return the unit to us and we will repair it and return it to you as soon as possible.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is for one year. However, if the unit is dropped, submerged in water or other liquids, modified or disassembled, the warranty is cancelled.

In which industries is the AsReader most commonly used?

AsReader is popular in logistics, retail, medical, factories and automotive. AsReader is suitable in a wide range of industries and applications sectors.

Does the magnetic charger operate via wireless energy transfer and is it able to charge effectively?

The terminals are contacted.
Charging via a magnetic connection is as quick and effective as charging with a standard plug.