AsReader has been used in logistics, retail and medical industries.
Moreover, it is used in the automotive related manufacture.
These is not limit because it can be used in various industries or places.
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・use as a handy terminal to integrate with WMS
・You can freely create apps that emulate handheld terminal functions.
・Achieve a wide range of cost savings.

You can introduce the AsReader as a replacement for older terminals and implement mobile applications for warehouse Management Systems.

You can freely create apps that emulate handheld terminal functions and enable the use of the touch screens on smart-phones to enhance productivity and operating efficiency.

In this way, you can achieve significant reductions in the cost of handheld terminals.

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Retail Shops:

・You can immediately begin using apps developed for the AsReader for use in POS, inventory management and stock control.
・In addition to reducing the time involved in the handwritten data entry process of paper based systems, data entry errors, data leaks and erroneous orders are also significantly reduced.
・You can focus your efforts on generating sales that will produce great business results while avoiding missed opportunities. You can simplify the POS and sale management functions.

The AsReader is not only an inventory management device and an order management and incoming component management system, but it can also be used with printers to augment POS operations.

In addition to enhancing business operations by combining multiple functions in one device, you can also achieve rapid cost savings.

You can easily use the functions of the iPhone/iPod in conjunction with the network, and with the use of our SalaseePOS and other web applications you can also use tablets and other stylish devices to develop full-fledged POS register systems.

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・The RFID AsReader is contributing to the enhancement of operations control and lead-time reduction in an automotive company’s procedures for protective film application and optional components installation.

The AsReader is used in the distribution lots of car factories as part of the essential new vehicle pre-delivery preparations.

RFID tags with the vehicle ID numbers of the new cars are attached to the car dashboards, and the RFID tag and RFID AsReader are used in combination to provide the instructions and process control for protective film application and optional components installation.

The AsReader can be easily used with smart device enabled business applications to function as a handheld terminal that monitors and captures the status of specific cars on a car-by-car basis during car delivery service operations.
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Medical Facilities:

・Confirmation of verbal and visual 3-point verification and automatic recognition
・AsReader can easily cooperate with any system due to the augmentability of the app, regardless of whether electronic medical records have been introduced.
・Enables major cost savings in comparison to specialized handheld terminals.

Not only is the 3-point matching of formulations (drug injections,infusions, etc.) made more secure for patients, doctors and nurses,it is also possible to develop applications that can be used with the system for real-time processing of electronic medical recordsand ordering procedures.

Major enhancements in efficiency can be achieved by replacing older ordering terminals (notebook PC’s) with the handheld AsReader.

Since the AsReader has excellent resistance to dust and water (IP52 standard compliance), along with a drop resistance of 1.5m to concrete surfaces, no special caution

is required even in harsh workplace environments.

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