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Why you should choose iPhone for your business equipment?

updated:August 1, 2019

When we contact potential clients the majority of the replies are: “I like AsReader products but using iPhones for my business is very expensive”. 


Initially it might cost a bit more than other phones in the market, but there are many benefits to be considered. One of the benefits is that the device will be properly updatable for almost the next 5 years, making it a very good and long lasting piece of equipment. For example, the iPhone 5s, which was released in 2013, is still updatable with the most recent iOS 12 in 2019. After all these years, you can still sell the devices and even make a profit out of them, as Apple Trade In indicates you can “turn the device you have into the one you want”.


When it comes to business, security is another very important matter. Using Apple products is a great way of maintaining security since all applications are controlled by Apple. That might seem negative for a consumer who wants all sorts of games on their phone but for a business it is very important to know that only their IT team can make changes to their equipment. Also, the Single app mode makes it easier for employers to know that their employees are not using their time for unnecessary tasks. 


These are only some of the benefits that your business could have by working with Apple. It is also important to highlight that our RFID readers and Barcode scanners work perfectly with iPod touch devices which makes the initial purchase a lot cheaper and still maintaining all the benefits.