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An Emerging World Comprised of RFID

updated:October 12, 2018

RFID Technology Making its Mark throughout the US by means of AsReader, Inc.

If you currently run a large-scale business where tracking tags is key for managing inventory and other various products, you’re most likely using a standard barcode scanner. However, the times are changing, which is why you should start thinking about investing in an RFID reader/writer as your next best thing.

The greatest thing about an RFID reader/writer, or better yet – multiple RFID scanners, is that they have the ability to read an RFID tag without it being in the line of sight. And, the tags contain any electronically-stored information you would like them to. RFID tags can be found and attached to almost anything from clothing and cars to cash and other valuable possessions.

While one might not realize how beneficial RFID is, the technology is already out there in more ways than one would think. Have you ever owned a FasTrak transponder for driving on a California toll road? Or, for those outside of California, have you ever needed to track large quantities for inventory management? If so, that is RFID technology at its best. Whether it’s reading a transponder or tracking inventory, RFID readers let the user know the personalized information stored within the tag.

In a world where everyone is so reliant on their smartphone, we’ve combined both technologies into one convenient device, the AsReader RFID reader/writer. Our engineers have designed and developed not only a way to read RFID, but we’ve also come up with a way to write and track RFID tags with unique iOS applications for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. (Or, for Android users, RFID readers are also available depending on the proper software installed).

AsReader, has primarily emerged its RFID reader/writers in factories around the world. Our RFID devices are providing manufactures with great accuracy when it comes to scanning RFID tags. Our AsReader RFID Reader/Writers have been predominately used by Toyota manufacturing along with various other inventory management outfits.

With efforts to take over other industries such as retail, logistics, automotive and many more, AsReader, Inc. strives to provide clients and users with innovative technologies to help them in everyday life.

To learn more about AsReader’s RFID reader/writers, contact us today! We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you soon!