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RFID technology, it’s everywhere!

updated:August 22, 2019

Last month, during a conversation about the AsReader DESKTOP-Type, a simple device that can make lists in CSV etc., read/write RFID tags and compare data scanned from RFID tags to lists in CSV etc. the following question emerged: How do RFID tags communicate their message without having electricity? 

So far it was believed that IC or RFID tags were used mainly for keeping track of loaned books in libraries and prevent shoplifting in large supermarkets. However, looking into it further, it is actually a lot more.

When seeing these shoplifting tags, you are left wondering how they make the shoplifting gates activate if they don not have electricity. With a bit research, it turns out these tags that don’t have electricity are called passive tags

The passive tags use power-sharing, this means that they convert the radio waves from RFID readers into electricity in order to operate.

Passive tags can be divided into three subcategories, each with their own power-sharing method:

               the electromagnetic induction method 

               the electromagnetic coupling method

               the radio wave method

This might get a little complicated, but please bear with us. The electromagnetic induction method, where radio waves are used to charge something, is roughly similar to the Qi wireless charging that has become such a hype due to the iPhone 8. It was interesting to discover that this remote type of technology was tied up to something that is used all around us.

At AsReader we feel that it’s important to know the details of whatever you handle. Above all, researching for this information was fun and we were very excited about the technical aspects, so we will continue to actively keep asking questions and discover more!