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New iPod touch is released!

updated:May 31, 2019

Apple has had us waiting for a few years, but the new and improved iPod touch was finally announced on Tuesday (May 28th, 2019). Here at AsReader, we couldn’t be more excited! AsReader barcode scanners and RFID reader/writers are manufactured to have a lightning connection with iOS devices. Therefore, using the new iPod touch with our devices to take inventory, do three-point-checks and track products will lead to a much improved experience, for a very low budget.  


The iPod touch generation 7 still remains lovingly familiar, with its 4-inch display, home button and 8MP camera. On top of that, however, it also sports a lot of cool, new features, such as an A10 Fusion chip processor, which is also found in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, and the option of 256GB storage! By including several exciting new features, the multinational technology company is positive that the updated version will have up to 2x times faster CPU performance and up to 3x times faster graphics.


Since 2012, we at AsReader have continuously updated and released new barcode scanners, such as the barcode scanner ASR-020D, specifically for iOS device like the iPod touch 5th and 6th generations. We have consistently developed and released new models, including UHF and HF RFID reader/writers for the iPod touch and iPhone devices, such as our ASR-023xD. At AsReader, we are so excited about this new release from Apple! Why, you ask? Well, since we are a professional third party external device maker for iOS, the 7th generation iPod touch should instantly work perfectly with all our devices! This means our customers will have more devices to choose from, allowing them more flexibility and options in order to choose a set-up best suited to their needs.

Check out Apple’s official website for more information on the iPod touch and contact us if you are interested in our barcode scanners and/or RFID reader/writers!


UPDATE (05/06/2019): iPod touch 7th generation + AsReader, operation verification complete! AsReader performed an in-house check between the 7th generation iPod and all of our different AsReader scanners. As expected, no issues were found and all our scanners were able to communicate efficiently with the new iPod touch. We also checked all of the apps we provide (including AsBrowser) and again, no problems were found during the operation verification check using the newest generation iPod touch.