AsReader GUN-Type Product Page
AsReader GUN-Type Product Page

RFID (UHF) + Barcode GUN

The GUN-Type AsReader is a “Combo” device including both a
UHF RFID Reader/Writer
AND a professional 2D+1D Barcode Scanner.
Barcodes are read with an advanced 2D CMOS engine.
Choose your bandwidth:
ASR-R250G-23 (FCC/US)  902~928 MHz
ASR-R250G-22 (ETSI/EU)  865~868 MHz
ASR-R250G-26 (ANATEL/Brazil)  915~928 MHz
Support for ISO 18000-63 (Formerly known as: ISO 18000-6 Type C) / EPC Class1 Gen2.
“RAIN” UHF RFID antenna is linear allowing focused, penetrating reads.  (*Circular antenna is available with MoQ)
Power output can be set between 6 to 30 dBm
which is the equivalent of 4 to 1000 mW (1 Watt.)

Long Range Reading

Reading distance for UHF tags is up to 10m (32 feet), depending on your environment, type of tags, etc.
*1 Watt and 250mW versions are available with varying reading distances

Easy Connect

Whenever you need it, place your Smart Device on it and go!

There is no awkward “pairing” like with Bluetooth, just connect and go!
* The Smartphone and Reader begin communicating the moment they connect via a magnetic USB2.0 “AsRing+.”

Cases fit nearly all modern Apple®/iOS devices, including:

iPhone® 5/5s/SE, 6/6s/7, 6Plus/6sPlus/7Plus

iPod touch® 5th/6th Generation

(*Other sizes & colors available with MoQ)


GUN-Type AsReader
GUN-Type AsReader

angle of elevation

Antenna directivity of AsReader GUN Type

angle of azimuth

GUN-Type AsReader

GUN-Type AsReader